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Becoming a Life Coach

As a practising life coach, I frequently get enquiries from people who are interested themselves in becoming a life coach. Unfortunately I don't have time to answer individual queries outside of paid coaching sessions, but below are some initial considerations to reflect on if you are thinking of becoming a life coach and links to some articles on topics that may be of interest if you are wondering whether life coaching is the career for you.

Questions to Consider if You Want to Become a Life Coach

If you are thinking about becoming a life coach, I would suggest that at a minimum you think about the following questions and where relevant carry out research to find out the answers to them:

Becoming a Life Coach - Preliminary Thoughts

Click on the links below to read articles about some topics related to becoming a life coach:

What is Life Coaching?

Becoming a Life Coach - Introduction

Can You Make Money as a Life Coach?

How to Be a Life Coach

Creating a Life Coaching Website

Life Coaching eBooks

I have written a number of downloadable Books designed as self-help guides relating to particular issues that clients often ask a life coach to help them with. The materials and ideas in the eBooks can also be used by life coaches in appropriate circumstances to help clients (in this respect they are intended as a supplement to materials and ideas that trained life coaches already have, not as a substitute for appropriate professional training). To find out more, please click on the link below:

Coaching eBooks